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How We Work
Punch Up has been founded in 2019 by storytellers, designers, data specialists, and developers who believe in the power of data and storytelling. We combine tech firms' practices, design studios, and communication to create meaningful conversations with data + design + story.

Our team is comprised of the same folks behind WeVis, a civic technology aiming to empower people to reclaim an active role in political life through technology and open data.

Our vision is :
We create meaningful conversations with data + design + story for better society.

Our core values are simple, yet determined:
  • Data-Driven Story: We make sense of data and turn them into stories.
  • Social Conversation: We focus on initiating and looking into social issues with data.
  • Rigorous yet Relevant: We carefully research and fact-check, while ensuring what we do are  contextual and audience-centric.
  • Creativity with Unique Voice: We tailor our work to give intrinsic and meaningful voices.
  • Diversity: We combine multidimensional skills to ensure an optimal solution, while respect different opinions for constructive debates.
  • Community: We support a community sharing similar interests in data-driven social issues.
Thanisara Ruangdej (GG)
CEO & Co-founder
Patchar Duangklad (Fai)
Business Director & Co-founder
Withee Poositasai (Lookkid)
Tech Lead
Naanong Samretvit (Key)
Front-end Developer
Pimpatipan Angkharuengrattana (PopPap)
Front-end Developer
Worawit Ruengruen (Bas)
Front-end Developer
Suthep Chanchuphol (MuMu)
Front-end Developer
Data Analyst
Namsai Supavong (Jug)
Art Director
Sy Chonato
Creative Director
Monsicha Srisuantang (Pearwa)
Digital Designer
Nattapon Kaikaew (Nuk)
Digital Designer
Soraya Radarit (Noi)
Digital Designer
Data Storyteller & Project Leader
Molecule Jongwilai (Mo)
Data Storyteller & Project Manager
Pantira Monsumrith (Fhy)
Project Assistant
Data Storyteller & Project Coordinator
Data Storyteller & Project Coordinator
Jiranat Aiamaui (Mark)
Office Manager
Nachanok Sukpanyatham (Fah)
HR Manager